Who You Bring to the Relationship

Hi, Everyone,
Last Friday we took the week off because of the school schedule, and several of us met at the library for conversation. This Friday, January 31, we will continue our study, based on a Stephen Ministries book titled Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart: How to Relate to Those Who are Suffering by Kenneth C. Haugk. Dr. Haugk is a pastor and clinical psychologist and is the founder and Executive Director of Stephen Ministries. He wrote the book in response to his own experience in the loss of his wife to ovarian cancer. Everyone has been in the position of trying to support someone going through a difficult time. Maybe you have been the one enduring difficulty. Sometimes well-meaning friends or family, in their effort to take away your pain, will say something incredibly hurtful, not because they wanted to hurt you, but because they didn’t know what else to say.
So far, we have explored the call to care and understanding suffering. This week we will continue to examine how one feels in suffering and how we might best meet them in that space. Suffering has been described as a house of pain. We all know that when we are invited to someone’s house, there are “rules” to abide by. There are private places in the house that may be off limits to us. We’ll talk about who we bring to the relationship of ministering to one who is suffering.
January 31 Who You Bring to the Relationship /Melissa
February 7 What to Say After Hello /Megan
February 14 Cry and Feel Awful /Theresa
February 28 Wishing Hurts Away
March 6 For Better or Worse

Loose change collection to benefit the CAPTAIN food pantry collected last week, $3.48 bringing our total to $40.73 which translates to over 254 pounds of food. Thanks so much!

The Book Group has chosen a new book The Secret Things of God by Henry Cloud.
The Bible claims that God has provided special truths that can change lives and uplift the spirit, but often those truths lie dormant and untapped within the soul. Offering a positive alternative to The Secret based on biblical scripture, Dr. Henry Cloud reveals that there is indeed a power of attraction ruling the universe—the attraction between God and his creation—and demonstrates how that power can shape our lives.

Please let Becky know if you want a book. (beckynold85@gmail.com) Discussion date is Tuesday, March 3, at 7 pm at the church.

Basket Weaving! Many of us have admired the hand-made basket Donna brings to Friday Morning Moms. She learned this craft at a community education class. There is a class being offered April 27 and May 4 at Acadia Middle School called “Rustic Berry Basket Workshop.” Donna will be enrolling in this class so if you would like to learn the craft of basket weaving, you may register here: https://sites.google.com/shenschools.org/community-ed-svc/home/community-education
and follow the prompts to find the name of the class. Cost is $69 including materials.

2020 Quilting Schedule – 9 am to 5pm in the Hearth Room

February 6 Thursday /March 5 Thursday

February 11 Tuesday /March 10 Tuesday

February 18 Tuesday /March 19 Thursday

February 27 Thursday /March 26 Thursday

I hope to see you on Friday, January 31 at 9:00.

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