Successful Mom Leah

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We are faithfully continuing on our study of successful moms from the Bible. So far, it’s been about 50/50, as to whether or not we considered them successful. Last week’s mom was Rebekah. Her story is a classic example of family dysfunction. She favored one of her children over the other, and even favored him over her spouse. As Rebekah’s story closed, her favorite son, Jacob, has fled for his life from his brother who wants to kill him. Jacob travels far from home, to the place from which his mother came, and there he falls in love with a woman named Rachel. They must have used wedding veils thicker than tulle, because when Jacob thinks he is marrying Rachel, he is tricked into marrying her older sister instead. So we will be looking at the story of Leah, and we’ll uncover what made her a successful mom. Come on Friday to hear her story.
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November 16 Successful Moms – Leah /Melissa C.
November 30 Successful Moms – Ruth
December 7 Successful Moms – Elizabeth
December 14 Successful Moms – Mary

Book Group will meet one more time to finish the challenging (!) book The Case for Faith on December 4 at 7 at the church. Chapter 4 has been completed and this will be the final discussion.

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I hope to see you all on Friday, November 16, for Friday Morning Moms.
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