Loosen Your Grip

Hi, Everyone,
We are working our way around the spiritual wellness compass. We have explored the quadrants of soul and mind. We are now in the third quadrant, strength, and we are concentrating on care of the body and have talked about food and aging. We talked about stress, and our responses to it. Last Friday we will continued to explore stress resiliency. This Friday, May 13, our topic is called “Loosen Your Grip.”
It is possible to be relaxed, even in stressful situations. The title comes from bicycling. If you bike, or even if you don’t, you know that when one approaches a big hill, one often tightens one’s grip on the handlebars, tightens the shoulders, and even the facial muscles. None of these responses is helpful in sending more energy to the legs for pedaling. If one is intentional, one can relax one’s grip on the handlebars and relax the rest of the upper body so the legs get what they need. We’ll talk on Friday about being intentional about the things that really matter and loosening our grip on the things that don’t.

SUMC Book Club: Wanting to better understand our Muslim neighbors, the SUMC Book Club will read Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of Young Women Who are Transforming the Arab World, by Katherine Zoeff. The catch is that it is a new book so it is about $15 on Amazon. If you would enjoy assistance ordering, let Becky Nold know by May 25 (beckynold85@gmail.com). There are 5 copies scattered throughout the regional library system. The next discussion date is Tuesday, June 28.
Summer craft nights – July 19 and 26 at 7:00 PM. Come away for some creativity and fun.

I’ll look for you all on May 13. Don’t let friggatriskaidekaphobia keep you from coming to Friday Morning Moms!

Grace and peace,