Love and Appreciation

Hi, Everyone,
We are working our way around the spiritual wellness compass. We have explored the quadrants of soul, mind and strength. We are now finally touching on the fourth quadrant, heart, for our last study of the season. This Friday, May 19, our topic is called “Love and Appreciation.”
There are few things more precious in life than the loving relationships we have with others. Few things affect the quality of our life more than the quality of our relationships. We are created to be in relationship with one another and there is a powerful connection between our personal wellness and the health of our relationships.
We know the benefits that come from working proactively on our physical wellness. When people work out, they will have greater strength, stability, and a greater sense of well-being. The same is true when it comes to working proactively on our relationships. We will have greater strength, flexibility, and a sense of well-being in our life.
This Friday, we will explore relationships and appreciation.

SUMC Book Club: Wanting to better understand our Muslim neighbors, the SUMC Book Club will read Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of Young Women Who are Transforming the Arab World, by Katherine Zoeff. The catch is that it is a new book so it is about $15 on Amazon. If you would enjoy assistance ordering, let Becky Nold know by May 25 ( There are 5 copies scattered throughout the regional library system. The next discussion date is Tuesday, June 28.
Summer craft nights – July 19 and 26 at 7:00 PM. Come away for some creativity and fun in the cool and expansive Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome.

I’ll look for you all on May 19.

Grace and peace,