Soul Food

Hi, Everyone,
This Friday, April 1, our topic is “Soul Food.” We are working our way around the spiritual wellness compass. We have explored the quadrants of soul and mind. We are now in the third quadrant, strength, and we are concentrating on care of the body. So on Friday, we’ll be talking about food, our relationship to it, and how it relates to our wellness and to the wellness of our families.

New security measures… for those of you who enter through the door at the rear of the parking lot, which is the exterior door nearest to the child care rooms… that door will now be locked during the hours the preschool is in session for additional security. The other outside doors will be unlocked and accessible, so you may enter through either of the doors closer to the front of the parking lot, then just turn to your right inside to get to the child care rooms. Thanks for your understanding.

Book Group is reading Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary. Discussion night is April 26 at 7:00.
I’ll look for you all on April 1 – no fooling!

Grace and peace,