Scripts and Stories of Our Lives

Hi Everyone,

We have been working on a compass points metaphor since September – thinking of our lives and beings divided into four compass points: soul, heart, strength, and mind.  Last week we moved from the soul quadrant of our Living Compass to the mind portion and began exploring the area of vocation.  That’s not just our job or the things we’ve been trained for, but it incorporates everything we do to live out our purpose and calling in life. The word vocation actually comes from a root word that means vocal or voice. In terms of vocation, the meaning is two-fold.  First we need to listen for God’s voice and then we need to find and develop our own sense of voice in the world.

Motion pictures or movies have become the way our culture tells its story.  If someone made a movie about your life, what would it be like? Truthfully, we are using our voice to write the script for that movie every day. So this Friday, November 20, we will consider the scripts and stories of our lives.


Unwrapping Our Fears – A Journey with the Angels!  Advent is coming soon. Clear your calendars on Wednesday nights for this  Church-wide Advent celebration going on every Wednesday evening beginning December 2.  A light meal will start things off at 6:00 followed by some prayer and songs.  Youth will have youth group, littler kids will have a kind of church school, and child care will be provided for the wee ones.  For the adults, Pastor Lee will provide a teaching time and then the adults will break into small groups for discussion.  Everything will wrap up by 8.  This could be the year you really enjoy the journey to Christmas.  Let’s unwrap our fears together.  Sign up on the church’s Website here.

SUMC Preschool registration for next year – Monday, December 14, 9:45-2:00 for current students and siblings.  Church members get a 10% discount on tuition.

The Book Group is reading  Mary Magdalene by Liz Curtis Higgs, as their next book. If you would like to order a copy (used~$4), please contact Becky at by December 1. The discussion night will be January 5 at 7 pm.


I hope to see you all on Friday at 9:00.


Grace and peace,