Paradox Lost

Hi Everyone,

This Friday, March 27, our topic title is Paradox Lost.  As lively, creative women, we all face paradoxes in our lives.  The things we love doing the most, the things we are most passionate about, can also be the things we hate the most. That’s what we call a paradox.  It is or it should be, but it isn’t and it can’t be.  Paradox means two distinct opposing ideas that are absolutely contradictory, but may actually both be true.  Our efforts to resolve the inconsistencies may be a futile endeavor. Often, discerning God’s calling in our lives is packed with paradox!


Coming attractions:

Patchwork of Love Quilting – Patchwork of Love Quilting workshops are winding down, but there’s still time to finish the quilts you’ve started.  The workshops are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM in the Hearthroom. Thursday, March 26 is the last quilting day for the season. Cathie and Jean sent the following message on Monday afternoon:

This past Sunday, Pastor Alan spoke of our quilting in relation to finishing well.  During coffee hour, it was suggested by more than one person that we present Pastor Alan with a quilt.  Our first reaction was that there is not enough time.  However, with further thought, we realize that there is one more SUMC Patchwork of Love quilting day coming this Thursday.  We would be willing to facilitate a quilt for Pastor Alan, with the use of our set up and materials.  It occurred to us, that if quilters could bring a                     7 1/2 “ by 7 ½” square already completed with a theme that might be meaningful to Alan’s ministry with us, a quilt could be finished.  Note:  Help is needed with squares, design, quilting, binding, and an embroidered label.  We are able to facilitate.  We are not able to take the responsibility for making sure that a quilt is completed.  This quilt needs to be a labor of love by all who wish to say farewell to Alan with a symbol of our love and care.   Cathie and Jean

Book Group – In the spirit of Lent, our next book will help us become more mindful of Jesus and his ministry.  The book will be “The Jesus I Never Knew” by Philip Yancey.  Our meeting date will be Tuesday, March 31 at 7:00 pm at the church.   From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers; a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith. The Jesus I Never Knew uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying. “No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same,” says Yancey. Please get your copy and read!

The preschool & UMW are partnering with the Pajama Program this March. The Pajama program is an organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted. These children have various living situations and many have been abandoned, abused or neglected. We will be collecting new unused books and pajamas for children ages infant‐5 years old until Friday, March 27.  There is a drop box in the children’s library area M‐F, 8:30‐3:00.

Community Dinner – Tuesday, March 24 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Contact Donna if you’d like to help.

Family Movie Night – Friday, March 27 at 6:30 in the Hearth Room.  Showing Penguins of Madagascar.  Free!

Easter Egg Hunt – for the little kids, Sunday, March 29 at 2:00 PM.  BYOB (Bring your own basket!)

Easter Pictures — The Photography Group will provide free pictures following both worship services on Easter Sunday, April 5, for families, couples, singles, or other groups . All you need is an email address, and your Easter photo will be sent to you as a free gift to use and share as you wish.  Remember the beauty and joy of this special day.  Look for the photographers in Fellowship Hall and at the front of the sanctuary.  Happy Easter!


I hope to see you all on Friday, March 27 for Friday Morning Moms.

Grace and peace,