Bigger Barns

Hi Everyone,

This Friday, November 1, we will take a look at the challenging text of Luke 12:15-21, a story told by Jesus that I would paraphrase “bigger barns.”  We are rich.  We are all rich, whether we think society sees us that way or not. We will be spending some time on the phenomenon of hoarding, but the focus of our lesson will be on understanding the faithful perspective of God caring for us instead of trying to take care of all things ourselves.

Coming attractions:

Don’t forget – Community Dinner and Café tonight! (Tuesday)

November 10 – special Veteran’s Day Service with a meal to follow

November 15 – information on “Christmas children ” will be available. The program is called RISSE and is an outreach of the Emmaus United Methodist Church in Albany. Web site

November 16 – “World Hope Gift Fair” in the Hearth Room from 11-5.  Help with set-up would be appreciated on Saturday morning (contact Donna to offer your help.)

November 22 – beginning of our special Advent study

Dec. 3 at 7:00 PM – The Book Club will meet to discuss the book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt b y Anne Rice .  You can preview it here.  There are a limited number of copies available at the library.  In January, the group plans to cover What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Phillip Yancey.  Preview here .  If you’re interested, it might be a good Christmas vacation read.


I hope to see you all on Friday at 9:00 for Friday Morning Moms.


Grace and peace,