Introduction to Boundaries

Hi Everyone,

Last Friday we continued our mini study of the parables of Jesus with the parable of the talents.  Some themes are continuing to come to light – not everything that happens is fair.  This is especially difficult when we deal with our kids.  It is natural to want to parent in a nature that is cause and effect.  If your child makes appropriate decisions, there will be appropriate or desired outcomes.  And if decisions are made unwisely, the expected outcome will reflect it.  Yet we all know that such is not always the case and sometimes things happen that do not fit into our equation of justice.  Things are not always fair.

This Friday, October 4, we will begin a 4-week study on boundaries, beginning with an introduction on “What is a Boundary.”  If you are motivated to do some advanced reading, you can access this link for some background information that will guide our discussion.
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The Book Club – is reading the book Love Does by Bob Goff: Check the link to read a sample.  If you think you are interested, let Becky r2nanold@earthlink.netor Donna know. A meeting is planned for Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 7:00 PM.


I hope to see you all on Friday at 9:00 for Friday Morning Moms.


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