More FUN with FUNerals

This Friday, May 3, we will conclude a two-part series, “FUN with Funerals!”  Led by Dr. Rita Oliverio, this inspirational and informational program takes a light-hearted look at end-of-life practices and traditions. By understanding death as a part of life, we can look at our life is a new way, and appreciate and accept the abundant life of joy God wants to give us.

The first session included the nuts and bolts for discussion starters.  We discussed preplanning, burial and cremation, and even green burials. We moved forward with obituaries, property and donation distribution, and even what to wear. (Ever hear the expression “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!”  It could happen…)

What really impressed me about last Friday’s discussion was the wealth of diversity our group has, from our professions and experiences, and how much we learned from each other including assigning guardianship for children and what needs to be done in advance to donate one’s body to science.

This Friday we will address some of the spiritual aspects including the differences between funerals and memorial services, what Christians believe about cremation, and what we would like to be remembered for.  Come and join us for this important and enlightening topic.  There was so much laughter in the room last Friday, it really proves you can have FUN with funerals!

Coming attractions:

Our last session will be May 17, and we will resume our weekly meetings on September 13, 2013

Mexican Fiesta – May 4 – 6:00 to 7:30 PM (reservations are recommended) a fundraiser for the renovation of the Hearth Room

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again on Friday, May 3 at 9:00.

Grace and peace,