News for the Week

For the next three weeks,  we’ll be studying the biblical book often called the Song of Solomon, but for our study we will be referring to it as the Song of Songs.  This Friday, November 2, we’ll be talking about this title, as well as the “plot” involved in this collection of love poetry. If you have time during this busy week, try to read the book.  It is not very long; you will find it sandwiched between Ecclesiastes and Isaiah.  A collection of love poems, “Song” includes dramatic dialogue as a conversation between three persons.  At least three “voices” can be distinguished in the poems: a female voice, a male voice, and a group voice or chorus. We will contemplate what this great song means for us and for all people.
A word from the childcare providers – please supply a suitable snack for your child while she/he is in child care on Friday mornings.